Being a Leader Course

The Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program

The Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program is an advanced leadership curriculum created in partnership with Harvard Business School professors, philosophers, consultants, coaches and contributors across the globe based on the groundbreaking ontological/phenomenological approach to leadership. This program has been delivered in top universities, institutions, and organizations around the world with groundbreaking results.

In this workshop, you begin to be aware of the unseen self-imposed limitations to your own productivity and performance. You are equipped with new perspectives and tools for dealing powerfully with the challenges and opportunities that come at you daily. These new perspectives and work habits will leave you with more confidence, better communication skills and effective at work.

Who is Interested in this Leadership Course?

Hear from course creators as well as participants as they share what is leadership from an ontological, phenomenological model.

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The Creation of the Course

The authors of the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership are Werner Erhard, Steve Zaffron, Jeri Echeverria, Kari Granger and Michael Jensen. They created this program for universities in response to today’s demand for leadership in society. The program is delivered at over 30 universities around the world.

Townsend Consulting Group is an authorized licensee and has been trained by the authors to deliver this program for businesses and organizations. You can find out more about the Erhard/Jensen Initiative by clicking below.

What if you couldDevelop Yourself as a Natural Leader?

Imagine how life would be if you had access to being a leader at any time, with anyone and in any situation

New Approach to Leadership

This course provides an new approach to leadership and leadership development

Experience Leadership Naturally

No books to memorize, no tips and tricks. You will experience leadership as your natural self expression.

A Unique Access

We employ a unique method where participants will have the opportunity to master leadership as a first-person experience

How is this Program Different?

We Are Not Asking You to Learn Strategies or Techniques on Leadership

What is This New Approach to Leadership?

This approach to leadership provides participants the opportunity to master being a leader & the effective exercise of leadership "on the court" as a first-person, real-time, ontological / phenomenological model.


Discover what other business leaders are saying about the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership program.
  • I closed 1 million in business last year. In the first 30 days after the course the course I closed 1 million dollars in sales - equal to my entire last year of sales, in one just month!
    Jackie Little, Keller Williams Realty
  • The first month resulted in a 50% increase in my sales... The second month I doubled again and this was one of my best months in my history with the company. I see measurable results.
    Lanita Duval, Milner Technologies
  • Kelly's coaching has inspired me to look at my organization in a whole new way, giving me access to creating a future for my company that’s exciting, motivating and action oriented. Working with Townsend Consulting Group allows me to keep this future alive and turn it into reality.
    Wendy Leiber, President, Athena Marketing
  • This work is having everyone on my team realize how their thinking and conversations steer their results. Kelly Townsend is teaching us how to take on the responsibility of changing that environment, helping uncover the conversations getting in the way that we were not aware of. The results have been immediate.
    Connie Sims. Owner, Wildflower

The Course Promise

You will be equipped with the tools needed to effectively lead people, teams, and organizations.

  • Work in partnership at a whole new level
  • Come together and perform as teams (team alignment)
  • Have a competitive advantage
  • Build a path for the future
  • Develop a new consciousness and awareness
  • Create relationships that work and thrive- new company culture
  • Focus on results in the business or organization
  • Develop leaders who begin leading themselves
  • Leaders are no longer constrained to act within the organization

Three of the ways this course is different

1. It's not conceptual learning:
The traditional method of teaching leadership deals with leader and leadership conceptually from a third-person perspective which is an epistemological / theoretical model. Students are given styles, practices of leaders as described and explained. In this conceptual learning you gather information, knowledge and understanding about leadership to be informed.

2. It's not memorization:
In a traditional leadership teaching, students are presented with knowledge and expected to remember and determine how to apply the knowledge in the leadership situation.

3. Be a leader anywhere, anytime:
Imagine having access to new ways of being that provide you with naturally acting as a leader as your natural self expression in any situation and in the face of any circumstances; without having to remember strategies or techniques. This is the non-traditional approach offered in this program.


Over the two month, 6 day course, Kelly Townsend from Townsend Consulting Group will lead the course. Here is an overview of the course foundation:

Integrity (in our model, a positive phenomenon):

Being whole and complete – achieved by honoring one’s word as we define honoring

Being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself to be for yourself, and who you hold yourself out to be for others
Being Given Being and Action by Something Bigger than Oneself:
Source of the serene passion (charisma) required to lead and to develop others as leaders and the source of persistence (joy in the labor of) when the path gets tough.
Being Cause in the Matter:
Being cause in the matter of everything in one’s life as a stand one takes on self and life, and acting from that stand. It is not true that you are the cause of everything in your life, rather this is a place to stand – a place from which to deal with life that you have chosen for yourself.

Our Contextual Framework – Distinguishing Leader and Leadership as:

Linguistic Abstractions: Creates leader and leadership as “realms of possibility”.

Phenomena: Leader and leadership as experienced, that is, as exercised, or what one observes or is impacted by.

Domains: The temporal sphere in which leader and leadership function.

Terms: Leader and leadership as definitions.

The Ontological Constraints that Limit the Effective Exercise of Leadership
Ontological Perceptual Constraints:

That which limits and shapes (distorts) what we perceive of the situations we are dealing with in any leadership situation.

Ontological Functional Constraints:

Automatic stimulus-response behavior that limits one’s way of being and acting in any leadership situation.

Spring 2021 Being A Leader, Virtual Course

This course is offered over the span of 4 months totaling 14 sessions which start in April and end in July

April 15, 16, 22, 23
May 6, 13, 20, 27
June 10, 17
July 1, 8, 22, 23, 2021
11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., EST
Fee: $6,000 per person

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Fall 2021 Being A Leader, Virtual Course

This course is offered over the span of 4 months totaling 14 sessions which start in September and end in December

September 16, 17, 23, 24
October 7, 14, 21, 28
November 11, 18
December 2, 9, 16, 17, 2021
11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., EST
Fee: $6,000 per person

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