Develop Competency for Producing Breakthrough Results in Every Area with Increasing Power and Velocity.

Breakthrough Project Methodology

8 Part Webinar Series: The Methodology to Empower You to Complete Any Project or Task

This 8 Part Series will leave you with the competency for producing breakthrough results in every area of your career or business with increasing power and velocity. In this workshop, you distinguish the stages that individuals, groups and organizations go through in the process of getting any project or task accomplished. The characteristics of the Operating States are designed to empower people to be effective in fulfilling a project or a task.


  • Have completed the Reinventing the Future Workshop
  • Or are a Current or Prior Townsend Consulting Group Client

Gain Direct Access to Exceptional Performance.......That Produces Unprecedented Results

Get trained and developed in implementing a project or initiative in a way that
supports a breakthrough in performance.

Develop a Project or Initiative

In this workshop you will choose a real life project and set your desired outcomes

Apply the Breakthrough Methodology

You will be trained in how to develop your project within the methodology

Create Unprecented Results

By applying this methodology, you will be able to accomplish what is important to your business and life's objectives

Who Should Join Breakthrough Project Methodology?

For Individuals or Teams
Who are Looking to Create New Results

If you or your organization are looking to create a new project, product launch or complete initatives within deadlines

For All Levels of an Organization

The course is for executives, managers and individuals at all levels of an organization who are looking for an organizational structure that allows workability and increased performance

A Methodology that Can be Reapplied Anytime

As you and your team move forward within these new skills you will be able to apply them to all facets of your organization

Would These Outcomes Transform Your Business Results?

People who participated in this workshop reported development in these key areas:

  • Training and development in implementing a project or initiative in a way that supports a breakthrough in performance.
  • Further development in the distinctions.
  • Being in a conversation and coaching in the distinctions out of the possibility you created from Reinventing the Future.
  • A Cost Effective way to be developed in the "New Paradigm of Performance" with Kelly Townsend
  • Learning how to deal with breakdowns and disempowering conversations that limit you.
  • Learning to work from a new and reliable methodology to achieve breakthrough results.
  • The ability to take what you get from this live interactive webinar and apply it to other areas if your life that you would like to get breakthrough results.


Discover what recent participants have said about Breakthrough Project Methodology.
  • This work is having everyone on my team realize how their thinking and conversations steer their results. Kelly Townsend is teaching us how to take on the responsibility of changing that environment, helping uncover the conversations getting in the way that we were not aware of. The results have been immediate
    Connie Sims, Owner, Wildflower
  • Kelly's coaching has inspired me to look at my organization in a whole new way, giving me access to creating a future for my company that’s exciting, motivating and action oriented. Working with Townsend Consulting Group allows me to keep this future alive and turn it into reality.
    Wendy Lieber, President, Athena Marketing

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Beakthrough Project Methodology

8 Week Webinar Series
March 09, 16, 23, 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27, 2021

12:00-1:30 pm, EST
Series will be recorded if you need to miss a date
Prerequisite for attending is completing Reinventing the Future or Current/Past Client

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8 Week Webinar Series

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