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Our Free Business Workshops......Will Give You Access to Breakthroughs

These events provide new science and a nontraditional approach to teaching and leadership. This new ontological approach gives access to “being a leader,” versus merely information about leadership.


Discover why Integrity is a factor of production

Increase Productivity

You will be trained in how to increase your productivity in your business life, personal life and organization

Reduce Stress

By applying these tools you will be able to reduce stress in your business and life


Discover what recent participants have said about our programs.
  • This work is having everyone on my team realize how their thinking and conversations steer their results. Kelly Townsend is teaching us how to take on the responsibility of changing that environment, helping uncover the conversations getting in the way that we were not aware of. The results have been immediate
    Connie Sims, Owner, Wildflower
  • Kelly's coaching has inspired me to look at my organization in a whole new way, giving me access to creating a future for my company that’s exciting, motivating and action oriented. Working with Townsend Consulting Group allows me to keep this future alive and turn it into reality.
    Wendy Lieber, President, Athena Marketing
  • I attended a seminar with Townsend Consulting Group after hearing about it from their very own, Katie Armes. She's a valued friend of mine so I was curious to check out the company she was with. They went above and beyond my expectations. They help you know things you didn't know you knew!! These things relate directly to your business in all kinds of realms, whether it's relationships, planning, or motivation. I'm very happy with the experience I had with Townsend Consulting Group and looking forward to seeing what they have to offer me and/or my colleagues in the future. Thank you Katie for getting me involved!
    Jacob Swihura, Financial Services Professional at New York Life Insurance Company

The Secret Pathway to Productivity:
A New Model of Integrity Workshop

We will be giving this workshop for business professionals, attorneys and paralegals

Increase Your Effectiveness as a Leader
As a business professional you will:

  • Free 3.0 General CLE Seminar, Valued at $835
  • Discover why Integrity is a factor of productivity
  • Identify the real source(s) of failure
  • Learn how to communicate as a leader
  • Increase personal productivity
  • Increase billable hours
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase productivity with your teams
  • Increase business development
  • Experience business breakthroughs
  • Access tools to help performance in your work environment


Contact us today. We also provide this program in-house for qualifying business groups across the US and Canada.

Join Us for an Upcoming Integrity Workshop:

Upccoming dates to be announced soon

August 15, 2019, 11:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.
Executive Reporting Service
Ulmerton Business Center
13555 Automobile Boulevard
Suite 120
Clearwater, FL 33762

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