The Unleash Your Presence podcast is designed to deliver insight to corporate leaders so they can communicate their messages clearly and effectively influence their audience, from the boardroom to live and virtual stages. Kelly has spent more than 25 years in the business world and 20 years coaching and training in Ontology (the study of

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Strong leadership is invaluable in the current dynamic and highly competitive business world we are living in. Townshend Consulting Group’s leadership courses in Naples, FL are geared towards leaders looking to make an immediate impact and successfully address organizational challenges as they emerge. If you are looking for a Naples leadership course to further develop

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Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Authentic Leadership” by Kelly Townsend. Effective leadership doesn’t come from knowing what leaders do, or the characteristics or styles of noteworthy leaders. Leadership doesn’t come from trying to remember and follow techniques from books on the subject, either. And it certainly doesn’t come from being in a position of

Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Meeting Makeover” by Kelly Townsend. One of the biggest complaints I deal with when working with companies is people’s relationships to meetings. In the corporate world, managers consistently complain they can’t get anything done because they spend hours in unproductive meetings. No doubt, we’ve all been in meetings where

Our Most Asked for Reading List for 2019

Are you looking for books to read in the new year? At Townsend Consulting Group, we are passionate about developing people and part of that work includes developing ourselves.  That’s why we are sharing with you our top reading list. Check out Kelly Townsend’s top 5 books to read that will empower you in the


Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Are We Having Fun Yet” by Kelly Townsend. Are you interested in boosting employee productivity over 20%? I’ll share with you how to brand your workplace with a hint of fun and humor to boost morale and help engage your employees. In a recent global workforce study performed by

Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Terrorized by your To Do List?” by Kelly Townsend. How many times have you agreed to do something and then forgotten all about it? Do items from your to-do list pop back to mind as you drive down the road? How often do you feel like you’re forgetting something,

Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “What it Takes to Lead” by Kelly Townsend. When one thinks of a trailblazer or a great leader, doesn’t it seem like there must be something really extraordinary about that person that makes him or her a leader? How do I lead? What does it take to be a

Are you prepared to hire the right person for your open position? This content was originally in eBella Magazine and was written by Kelly Townsend To help business owners with this critical step of what to do with turnover, I asked Maggie Alvarez, HR director of the Ibarra-America team at Arthrex, to share her over

This content was created for eBella Magazine by Kelly Townsend Stress is alive and well in most workplaces. A decades-old study of 28,000 workers commissioned by St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance showed that poor teamwork and ineffective supervisors were the two most important contributors to employee stress, leading to poor performance, job burnout and