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Executive Coaching
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Benefits of Hiring an Executive Coach

We work with key executives and entrepreneurs on an individual basis to help impact your capacity and ability to lead.

We help shift what you see as possible. Through our coaching programs, you are able to step outside of familiar frameworks and identify fixed behaviors, old habits, and unexamined assumptions. You will gain access to new perspectives that result in ability to see, act, and relate in new ways.

Get the Benefits ofExecutive Coaching

A study of over 100 Fortune 1,000 companies in Fortune Magazine showed that business coaching produced the following results:

Increase Productivity

Productivity Increased on Average 53%

Customer Retention

Customer Retention Rate Increased 32%

Increase Your Profits

Bottom Line Profits Increased by 22%

Why Choose Townsend Consulting Group?

Our clients experience an average of 20% growth in revenue during their first year working with us.

We Provide Powerful Executive Coaching to Include:

On Site Programs | Leadership Coaching | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Executive Coaching

  • Increase Revenue
  • Access Breakthroughs in Performance
  • Develop Leadership
  • Create a High Performance Team
  • Reduce Stress & Overwhelm
  • Choose from Coaching or See Below for Our Leadership Programs

Townsend Consulting Group has created business breakthroughs through strategic coaching for international and national organizations for over 20 years. Hiring a business coach can be one of the most impactful things you can do for your business, your employees and profits.

Our unique methodology and talent to distinguish and dismantle the blind spots and limitations of a conversational environment, gives our clients access to designing new cultures , empowering people to take on the unforeseen and challenge themselves to take action as breakthrough performers.

We are pioneers and leaders of reinvention for business owners and executives where the new model of Integrity is integral to our successful relationships and outcomes. Our coaching clients become our partners as innovators of a new era and future for business and people. Through business coaching, professional development and leadership programs, our clients are heroic people living heroic and fulfilling lives that make a real difference for people and business today and for tomorrow.

Are You Ready For A Business Breakthrough?

Why Choose Executive Coaching?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, not seeing the results you intended or need a partner in helping to define your path forward, don’t wait until you are on the edge.

Create Breakthroughs in Performance

Start business coaching with Townsend Consulting Group today and get access to business breakthroughs so you can reach beyond your goals.

Achieve New Results

Achieve the business results you know are possible. Contact us today to learn more about executive coaching.

Hear Real World Results from Executive Coaching Clients


Discover what business leaders are saying about Townsend Consulting Group's executive coaching.
  • Since working with Kelly I have tripled my revenue over the last couple of years and also tripled the amount of folks that I'm working with and I've also taken my business out into the community
    Kathy Feinstein, Business Owner
  • Kelly's coaching has inspired me to look at my organization in a whole new way, giving me access to creating a future for my company that’s exciting, motivating and action oriented. Working with Townsend Consulting Group allows me to keep this future alive and turn it into reality.
    Wendy Leiber, President, Athena Marketing
  • I have had a breakthrough in my individual performance over the past year of working with TCG, the revenue that I have personally generated from my billable hours as an attorney has increased from $200,000.00 in the year before TCG to over $375,000.00 this past year.
    Joe Giannell, Partner, Board Certified Real Estate Attorney for Peyton Bolin LLC
  • Working with Townsend Consulting Group has been a very valuable investment for my medical practice and for myself personally. I had a successful practice for more than ten years prior to working with TCG, but with their skilled coaching I was able to create a charter for my business with my employees and develop my team of skillful and dynamic professionals who are committed to the lives we touch and the pursuit of excellence. The impact of coaching is seen in our interactions with patients, with each other and in our financial success.
    Dr. Caroline Cederquist, Founder, Cederquist Medical Wellness Center
  • I have been a client of the Townsend Group for a year. In that time, I have become so much more focused, driven, effective, efficient, and results-producing in my small business; well beyond my expectations of working with a business coach. My experience with everyone on the staff has been extremely positive. They are reliable, trustworthy, fair, and engaging people who genuinely care about their clients. And somehow make hard work exciting and fun. The growth and magnitude of their own business is a testament to how well their system of producing breakthrough results works.
    Lisa Jackson, Business Owner

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If you are interested in our executive coaching services we offer a complimentary coaching call. Contact us today by completing the form, call (239) 289-3863 or email us.

Instead of Executive Coaching
Are You Looking For Leadership Development Programs, Group or Team Coaching?

In addition to our one-on-one executive coaching, we also offer leadership development programs for businesses, teams and executives.

Working from our Leadership Course, we help coach you and your team on what it looks like to work in this new paradigm of performance. We help you and your team create breakthroughs and deal with breakdowns. Through our weekly coaching and development, you will create a high powered professional team that generates results for your business.

Our Leadership Development Curriculum that consists of three programs.
I. Reinventing the Future, II. Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment, and III. Breakthrough Project Methodology. We work with entire organizations, management teams and key executives to rewrite their future and elevate performance to unprecedented levels. Learn more about each out these programs now.

We will work one-on-one with your team, executive leadership or entire organization to create new ways of operating that increase your business results.