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Why Choose Kelly Townsend as a Professional Speaker for Your Next Event?

Kelly Townsend Business Coach in eBella Magazine

Having spent more than 25 years in the business world and 20 years coaching and training in
Ontology (the study of being), Kelly Townsend has a solid foundation of experience in sales,
business development, leadership development and team alignment - and she is passionately
committed to the success and empowerment of her clients.

She believes in what's possible -- so much so, that she refuses to let organizations be stopped by
barriers and sees their possibility as something greater than what their current predictable level of
performance would dictate.

Clients who book Kelly Townsend for professional speaking benefit from an interactive, educational and motivational experience.

Every keynote speech is tailored to the client, event and situation. Kelly delivers cutting-edge insight based on brain science and ontology (study of being) in a presentation style.

An Experienced, Professional and Cutting-Edge Speaker

Over 25 Years Experience Working with Fortune 500 and 100 Companies, International Speaking Experience from Small Groups of 15 to Thousands... Topics Include:

  • The Secret Pathway to Productivity: A New Model of Integrity
  • Living in a Created Future
  • Invented Life
  • The Key Ingredient: How to increase productivity while relieving stress
  • Authenticity
  • Team Alignment
  • Communication

Custom Business and Leadership Speaking Engagements

Leadership, Performance, Team Alignment/Building, Sales or Causing a Breakthrough...

Kelly TownsendKelly Townsend can create custom speaking engagements for any organization or event to meet the individual needs of the organization.
Beginning with an interview or set of interviews with key leaders, Kelly gathers information to help her understand your objectives, your organization, the people in the audience and the challenges they face each day.

After identifying important themes and messages that you want conveyed during the speaking engagement, Kelly begins creating based on years of material, experience and training. As a result, you get an interactive experience using cutting edge business development insight.

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