Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Stop Kidding Yourself” by Kelly Townsend You need to get more organized, don’t you? The sheer onslaught of incoming information — e-mail, voice mail, phone calls, mail, faxes, people walking up and wanting your attention while you’re doing something important —is so overwhelming that our standard answer to, “What’s

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Get Real

Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Get Real” by Kelly Townsend The most important key to successful relationships in the work environment is being a powerful communicator. Communication begins with listening. Unfortunately, very few of us are good listeners. Sure, you might think you are, but I’m here to tell you, the ordinary and mechanical

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Think Big

Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Think Big” by Kelly Townsend When you’re a small business owner, it’s easy to get into a rut. Year after year, a great majority of small business owners work harder and harder, but never grow their business as a long-term investment vehicle. Small business owners tend to be great


Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Turn your Dream Job into Reality” by Kelly Townsend When you look at the next few years, are you thrilled by the challenges and opportunities they have to offer? Are you living a life you love and loving your work? Do you experience working with a championship team? Have


Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Powerful Relationships at Work” by Kelly Townsend   A work environment can become unproductive when people hold on to resentments, disappointments or upsets they have with others in the workplace. We can all get upset with people around us and rarely do we take the time to clean up

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Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Authentic Leadership” by Kelly Townsend One of the basic pillars of success in building a thriving business is generating powerful and lasting relationships with other professionals, but how can you build your skill set for doing just that and generate extraordinary and mutually beneficial relationships? Mostly we relate to

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Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “The Secret of Street Talk” by Kelly Townsend. Increase sales and boost client relationships by changing the conversation. I recently worked with a client on the east coast of Florida who has been involved in his business community for years. He sat on several boards, volunteered on committees, and

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Partner Up

Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Partner Up” by Kelly Townsend Our lives are filled with partnerships. We collaborate with co-workers, employees we supervise, business associates and vendors. Then there are more personal partnerships with our family, spouse, children and even your child’s teacher or coach. It’s an exhaustive list. When you think about it,


Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Meeting Makeover” by Kelly Townsend. One of the biggest complaints I deal with when working with companies is people’s relationships to meetings. In the corporate world, managers consistently complain they can’t get anything done because they spend hours in unproductive meetings. No doubt, we’ve all been in meetings where

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Content originally taken from eBella Magazine, “Time’s Ticking” by Kelly Townsend. In the fast paced work and life environment of today, we often hear a business associate say, “I am just buried” or “I’m swamped.” Working and living in the 21st century is tough. We’re deluged with information, troubled by impossible deadlines and overwhelmed by