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Created by World Renowned Experts is Coming to Calgary, Canada

Advanced Leadership Course, Calgary, Canada

The Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program

This groundbreaking leadership course called The Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program is coming to Calgary, Canada. If you are looking to grow and develop yourself as a leader, this leadership development course is being presented by Townsend Consulting Group and The Leaders Circle. The course was created in partnership with Harvard Business School professors, philosophers, consultants, coaches and contributors across the globe based on the groundbreaking ontological/phenomenological approach to leadership. This program has been delivered in top universities, institutions, and organizations around the world with groundbreaking results.

In this workshop, you begin to be aware of the unseen self-imposed limitations to your own productivity and performance. You are equipped with new perspectives and tools for dealing powerfully with the challenges and opportunities that come at you daily. These new perspectives and work habits will leave you with more confidence, better communication skills and effective at work.

Hear from course creators as well as participants as they share what is leadership from an ontological, phenomenological model.

The Creation of the Course

This leadership course was authored by Werner Erhard, Steve Zaffron, Jeri Echeverria, Kari Granger and Michael Jensen. They created this program for universities in response to today’s demand for leadership in society. The program is delivered at over 30 universities around the world.

Townsend Consulting Group and The Leaders Circle are authorized licensees and have been trained by the authors to deliver this program for businesses and organizations.

How is this Program Different?

We Are Not Asking You to Learn Strategies or Techniques on Leadership. Being A Leader is for exceptional leaders who are up to accomplishing something extraordinary and who see the need to take their leadership to a new level to make that happen. This program employs a new science of leadership that focuses on “who you are being” as a leader and is designed to empower you in achieving breakthroughs in your leadership performance that will last a lifetime.


This course employs a unique method where participants will have the opportunity to master first-person as an ontological and phenomenological mode being a leader and the effective exercise of leadership.

What if you couldDevelop Yourself as a Natural Leader?

Imagine how life would be if you had access to being a leader at any time, with anyone and in any situation

New Approach to Leadership

This course provides an new approach to leadership and leadership development

Experience Leadership Naturally

No books to memorize, no tips and tricks. You will experience leadership as your natural self expression.

A Unique Access

We employ a unique method where participants will have the opportunity to master leadership as a first-person experience


Over two, three day working sessions, Kelly Townsend from Townsend Consulting Group and the team from Leaders Circle will lead the course. Here is an overview of the course foundation:

Being Given Being and Action by Something Bigger than Oneself
Being Cause in the Matter

Our Contextual Framework – Distinguishing Leader and Leadership as:

Linguistic Abstractions: Creates leader and leadership as “realms of possibility”.

Phenomena: Leader and leadership as experienced, that is, as exercised, or what one observes or is impacted by.

Domains: The temporal sphere in which leader and leadership function.

Terms: Leader and leadership as definitions.

The Ontological Constraints that Limit the Effective Exercise of Leadership
Ontological Perceptual Constraints:

That which limits and shapes (distorts) what we perceive of the situations we are dealing with in any leadership situation.

Ontological Functional Constraints:

Automatic stimulus-response behavior that limits one’s way of being and acting in any leadership situation.

Course Instructors:

Kelly Townsend

Owner, Townsend Consulting Group

Having spent more than 25 years in the business world and 20 years coaching and training in Ontology (the study of being), Kelly Townsend has a solid foundation of experience in sales, business development, leadership development and team alignment - and she is passionately committed to the success and empowerment of her clients.

As a partner to her clients in the healthcare, legal and financial service industries across the United States, Kelly specializes in bringing a powerful listening to what is needed to take performance to the next level.

She believes in what's possible -- so much so, that she refuses to let organizations be stopped by barriers and sees their possibility as something greater than what their current predictable level of performance would dictate.

An expert in leadership development, team building and management effectiveness, Kelly leads seminars and workshops for thousands of people with topics in organizational transformation, vision, integrity and communication. She currently also serves as keynote speaker for a variety of conferences.

Kelly is a former graduate of Collier Leadership Institute, Past President of the Rotary Club of Marco Island, Past Board Member of the David Lawrence Center, Current Board Member for the League of Courageous Women, Current Board Member and a regular contributing writer for è Bella Magazine.

Brian Lanier

Founder, CEO, Leader's Circle

Brian Lanier has over 20 years of experience developing and leading executive education and personal development initiatives. Prior to founding the Leaders Circle in 2003, Brian has owned / operated a restaurant, been a Director of Operations for a division of Pepsi-Co and he was a Regional Vice-President for Starbucks Coffee Company. Brian helps people in organizations articulate what truly matters to them and, as importantly, he equips them with new tools and approaches to achieving extraordinary business results.

Brian has coached and led programs for individuals, business leaders and CEOs from a wide range of companies and industries in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Brian’s client portfolio includes Shaw Communications, JOEY Restaurant Group, ExxonMobil, ING Insurance, an NHL team's Customer Service department and SAGE Energy.

Brian holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he published a major research paper studying participative management concepts as an approach to increasing job satisfaction. He majored in journalism at the University of Houston.

Jon Ouellette

Principal, Leader's Circle

on Ouellette is a senior executive with more than 30 years’ experience in leading vibrant organizations, including the largest Canadian-owned insurance brokerage, and has experience in financial services, oil and gas engineering, and real estate sectors. He is also President, CEO Global Network, Western Canada. His philosophy and methodology focus on increasing bottom line performance through exceptional employee engagement. He has a rare ability to create and lead teams to embrace change and powerfully deliver on a vision.

Jon’s management style is to assist progressive companies through developing superior management teams and engaging employees with appropriate systems, in particular, performance-based compensation, collective creation of a vision and specialized communication protocols which fuel accountability, entrepreneurialism and productivity.

Further, his ability to focus on strategy with an eye to opinions and unique contribution of team members results in productivity and competitive advantages that lead beyond the dedication of employees.

Jon is not about merely helping organizations grow and achieve their financial results. He encourages team members to fully express their passions and interests, focusing and supporting their innate abilities, and engaging them to experience themselves beyond their expectations. Jon values efficiency, logic, creativity and, above all else, integrity. Jon and Brian have a long history of productivity and success together- first partnering in 2003 when Jon hired the Leaders Circle (TLC) to assist him in building incredible teams in each organization he personally led.

After years of working together, Jon decided to join Brian and TLC in order to take this transformational technology to as many organizations as possible. Jon is dedicated to doing this type of work for the balance of his career.


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2019 Leadership Course, Calgary
Marriot Courtyard
Calgary South
3750 Market Street SE
Calgary, ABT3M2P2

Part 1: Three Day Workshop - September 11th, 12th and 13th
Part 2: Three Day Workshop - November 6th, 7th and 8th

Calgary, Canada
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Fee: $5,000 per person
Pre-Course Webinar Call, August 19th
Webinar Call #2, October 14th
Webinar Call #3, November 18th

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