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We offer a wide range of leadership and business development programs throughout the year. Our programs are available on scheduled dates throughout Florida and are also requested and brought in-house to businesses across the US.


Explore our Advanced Leadership Course and Leadership Development Programs

Our Flagship Program: The Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program was created in partnership with Harvard Business School professors, philosophers, consultants, coaches and contributors across the globe based on the groundbreaking ontological/phenomenological approach to leadership. This program has been delivered in top universities, institutions, and organizations around the world with groundbreaking results.

Our Leadership Development Curriculum that consists of three programs:
I. Reinventing the Future, II. Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment, and III. Breakthrough Project Methodology. The first program can be taken indvidually but the second and third requires the prior course as a prerequisite. We work with entire organizations, management teams and key executives to rewrite their future and elevate performance to unprecedented levels. Learn more about each out these programs in our program overview to the right and click to learn more and explore upcoming dates.

Course I. Reinventing the Future

Our first course in the Leadership Development Curriculum is Reinventing the Future. This 2 day workshop introduces a new methodology for elevating human performance and is built on the best selling book, The Three Laws of Performance. Through this program you will discover and eliminate your blind spots which are the unseen, self-imposted limitations on your productivity and performance. Learn More

Course II. Breakthrough Project Methodology

Our second course in the Leadership Development Curriculum is Breakthrough Project Methodology. This 8 week webinar series empowers you to complete any project and  will leave you with the competency for producing breakthrough results in every area of your career or business with increasing power and velocity. Course participants will select a project or initiative to apply the methodology to while in the course and will be accountable for accomplishing your set objectives. Learn More

Course III. Mission Control

Our third course in the Leadership Development Curriculum is Mission Control. This 8 week webinar series will provide you with 6 new tools so everything in your life is handled, all of the time. You will be able to focus on what is in front of you, reducing stress, improving productivity and satisfaction. This program creates a breakthrough in your personal productivity, performance and experience of accomplishment. Learn More

An Organizational Future by Design

A Two-part, 6 Day Workshop for Completing the Past & Creating the Future

The Organizational Future by Design is for the executives who see that doing more or better or different than the past is not good enough and are looking for a way to catalyze truly breakthrough performance. The client results speak for themselves. We have had executives that have participated in Legacy’s Organizational Future by Design in several different companies, and they report that not one is ever the same, yet all produce stunning results.

This Workshop will give you access to - Leave your past in the past, and constitute a high-performance leadership team, develop high- performance cultures and high performance organizations.

What does the research show for building the future of an organization? 88% of executive leadership teams reported that building the organization of the future is an important or very important issue.
However only 11% believe they understand how to build this organization of the future.

Coaching Services

Townsend Consulting Group also offers business and executive coaching.

Our executive coaching provides executives and entrepreneurs coaching to help impact your capacity and ability to lead. We help shift what you see as possible so you are able to step outside of familiar frameworks & identify fixed behaviors, old habits, & unexamined assumptions. You will gain access to new perspectives that result in ability to see, act, & relate in new ways.

We provide specalized business coaching for teams or your entire organization. We work with businesses to develop a new paradigm for you and your teams' performance. We help you create a future that is exciting and powerful and pulls you and your team into action. Learn more about business coaching and breakthrough results from businesses we've coached.


Discover what business leaders are saying about Townsend Consulting Group's business coaching.
  • Since working with Kelly I have tripled my revenue over the last couple of years and also tripled the amount of folks that I'm working with and I've also taken my business out into the community
    Kathy Feinstein, Business Owner
  • I have had a breakthrough in my individual performance over the past year of working with TCG, the revenue that I have personally generated from my billable hours as an attorney has increased from $200,000.00 in the year before TCG to over $375,000.00 this past year.
    Joe Giannell
  • Kelly's coaching has inspired me to look at my organization in a whole new way, giving me access to creating a future for my company that’s exciting, motivating and action oriented. Working with Townsend Consulting Group allows me to keep this future alive and turn it into reality.
    Wendy Leiber, President, Athena Marketing

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